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Passport Photos Edina

As a courtesy, please schedule an appointment for all Passports or VISA photos. Call 952-835-1815.

Visit our FAST FOTO FILM LAB store in Bloomington, MN for all your passport or ID photo needs. We know there are major differences among passport and immigration photo specifications between countries. We also understand you may have limited time and need someone to do it right the first time.

FAST FOTO FILM LAB uses the latest technology and a digital passport camera for great photographic quality pictures. FAST FOTO FILM LAB will produce the correct size and composition photo for your United States and Canadian passports and VISAS, as well as European, African, Asian, South American, Indian, Dutch passport, INS application, Green card or ID card requirements. We do not carry all country photo requirements in-store and ask you to bring in these specifications at the time of appointment. If you have the correct photo specifications, we can produce ID photos for any country.

It is best to wear a dark color top so you don’t blend into the white background.

Standard US Passport Dimensions (as of July 2013)

Passport Photos Minneapolis
By appointment
service time about 10 minutes
Set of two = $15.00
Set of two for children 3 and under = $35.00
Additional sets of two (same individual) = $10.00

US-INS-Green card photo Passport Photos St. Paul
Set of two = $35.00
Additional sets of two (same individual) = $10.00

Standard Canadian Passport Dimensions (as of July 2013)

Passport Photos Edina
By appointment, service time about 10 minutes
Standard Canadian Passport Photo = $35.00
Canadian Citizenship Photo = $35.00
Additional sets of two (same individual) = $10.00
Canadian Citizenship Photo

Passport Photos Bloomington

By appointment, service time about 10-15 minutes
All Foreign Passport Photos = $35.00
Additional sets of two (same individual) = $10.00


US Passports
Canadian Consulate in Minneapolis
Example of specification sheet

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  • Abby"Working with FAST FOTO FILM LAB has made me fall even more deeply in love with my work. The incredibly quick turnaround is just one of my favorite parts- I also love that the same person scans my work every time, which means my photographs arrive with amazing consistency from one order to the next. They're the best-kept secret of the film world!"
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