Photo Greeting Cards

Bring your images to life for any occasion with a custom designed photo greeting card from FAST FOTO FILM LAB! We make it easy:

Simply email us or bring your favorite memories to our store, add a personal greeting and we will design your card together.
Choose from one of our pre-made card designs and order online here.

As always feel free to call FAST FOTO FILM LAB with any questions 952-835-1815.

Greeting Card Gallery
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Choose from the following options.

4 x 8 Custom Cards
5 x 7 Custom Cards
5 x 7 Custom Folded Cards


10-24 $1.30 $1.80
25-49  $1.05  $1.55 
50-99 $0.90  $1.40 
100-199  $0.70  $1.20 
200+  $0.60  $1.10 

* Envelopes are included.

What Our Fans Are Saying About Us!

  • Abby"Working with FAST FOTO FILM LAB has made me fall even more deeply in love with my work. The incredibly quick turnaround is just one of my favorite parts- I also love that the same person scans my work every time, which means my photographs arrive with amazing consistency from one order to the next. They're the best-kept secret of the film world!"
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