Print Scanning

FAST FOTO FILM LAB can take any photos, slides and negatives and professionally scan them to an archival CD or DVD in JPEG or TIFF format that will last for generations.

Film and slide scanning Edina MN

You’ll see the difference with our custom PRO SCANS!

PRO SCANS include:
   SCAN each image individually
   CORRECT color and brightness
   STRAIGHTEN vertical and horizontal photos
   TRIM borders
   FIX most blemishes
   SHARPEN each image

Negative Scanning Edina MN      Print Scanning Edina MN


NUMBER OF IMAGES PRO SCANS Color and Density Corrected
1 $10.00 each
2-9 $8.00 each
10-100 $5.00 each
100+ $3.00 each

1 $1.00 each
26-99 $0.75 each
100+ $0.50 each

Basic Scan images must be un-mounted prints with no rips and nothing sticky on the back of the print. No smaller than 3x5inches. No larger than 8x12 inches.


Prints scanned to be reproduced for printing are top quality scans up to 8x10. Fast Foto uses a professional grade Epson flatbed scanner to scan all images in at a minimum of 300dpi. Higher resolution scanning available upon request. Larger prints may be reshot in studio. Prints for screen viewing are scanned on a Kodak i1320 Scanner at 300dpi or 600dpi. Every PRO SCAN image is individually color and density corrected in Adobe Photoshop.

What Our Fans Are Saying About Us!

  • Abby"Working with FAST FOTO FILM LAB has made me fall even more deeply in love with my work. The incredibly quick turnaround is just one of my favorite parts- I also love that the same person scans my work every time, which means my photographs arrive with amazing consistency from one order to the next. They're the best-kept secret of the film world!"
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