Video Transfer & Duplication Services

Minneapolis Video Transfer and Duplication ServiceFAST FOTO FILM LAB offers the best film to video, sound & silent 8mm or 16mm, VHS transfer service available with the high resolution flicker free aerial image system. Video editing (non-linear computer method) is also available for most video formats including HDV.

Video Duplication Services

FAST FOTO FILM LAB can duplicate your video tapes and DVD’s. Most any film, video and audio format can be converted to DVD, CD and Web files. We can also convert your video tapes only to and from the VHS & DV PAL foreign formats.

Custom Made Slide Shows

FAST FOTO FILM LAB can create a slideshow for your Anniversary, Wedding, Reunion, Birthday or Retirement party to DVD. Your photos will come to life with special effects, pans, zooms and dissolves to really add emotion to any
special occasion event.

Add music, specially timed, to the exact photos, slides, old movies or videos for that extra dramatic touch.
We produce extra high quality DVDs, direct from our system for the best quality video to give to other friends and relatives.
Personalize your production with great titles and special effects (flips, tumbles, fly always, etc.) There are hundreds to pick from for just the right action shots.
Photos and slides are played back every 4-10 seconds with a nice overlapping-dissolve mode from one image to another. Most images are cropped for the best TV framed picture possible.

Additional Features include:
  • Add motion to your images for a life like effect.
  • Add titles, for an additional personal touch, to your show.
  •  Add newspaper articles, trophies, award certificates, invitations etc. to personalize your slide show.
  • Add music to “Jazz” up the old movies and photos.

Video Transfer Services

FAST FOTO FILM LAB can transfer your 8mm, S-8mm, 16mm Movie Film, Photos, Slides to DVD. All movie film is cleaned and repaired for maximum picture quality. Most blank and poor footage is edited out. All movies are then transferred flicker free with no interruptions.

What Our Fans Are Saying About Us!

  • Abby"Working with FAST FOTO FILM LAB has made me fall even more deeply in love with my work. The incredibly quick turnaround is just one of my favorite parts- I also love that the same person scans my work every time, which means my photographs arrive with amazing consistency from one order to the next. They're the best-kept secret of the film world!"
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